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Developed in Cambridge, UK.

Tried, tested, proven, Fog Fan Solution has been used in biosafety for 20 years. Now it's available as a mist for your home and personal space. It leaves surfaces and the air around you clean from viruses and bacteria.

Fog Fan Solution is tested and effective to EN1276 and EN14476 standards.

As used by leading fast food chains and distribution companies to keep you safe.

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Keep Your Bubble Safe - From £1 a Day

At Home

Use Fog Fan at home for a few minutes several times a day. One 30ml Fog Fan Concentrate sachet could last you a month, misting Monday-Friday when you all get home from work, school or shopping, with enough spare to mist if you have weekend visitors.

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On the Move

Take a portable Fog Fan with you to give you peace of mind wherever you are. Sanitise a room or car in minutes.
Use a Fog Fan in your car if you have passengers and want to give them peace of mind - perfect for minicabs.

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At Work

Give your customers and staff a sense of well-being by operating the Fog Fan during working hours. Sign-post to your visitors that you are taking care of them with a hypo-allergenic natural compound that has been proven in tests.

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The science behind Fog Fans and Fog Fan Solution

Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi

When you mist Fog Fan Solution into the air the water vapour and our natural ingredients (bioflavonoids and organic acids) attach to airborne viruses and bacteria and begin to destroy them. These combined heavier particles also then sink to the floor or are blown to the walls where on surface contact 99.99% are wiped out with 5 minutes.

The Science - how it works

Works against airborne viruses too

In independent tests, concluded as recently as November 2020, within 5 minutes there is a 57% reduction and by 30 minutes an 89% reduction in airborne viruses and bacteria. The longer you run your Fog Fan the more effective it is. Unlike other potent cleaning solutions you don't need to leave the room.

The Science - Test Results

Fog Fan Solution is proven safe to breathe and touch

Fog Fan Solution is made with ingredients found in nature and is simply combined with water before misting. Fog Fan Solution has been tested extensively and in testing was safe to breathe, to ingest, on skin, around eyes and near children, pets and food. It is also environmentally friendly and reduces the need for wiping and use of chemical cleaners which may be harmful to the environment.

The Science - Safety and Ingredients


The Fog Fan runs in our showroom; it helps my staff and customers feel safer and the FanFog is very refreshing!

Brian Anderson, London

The Fog Fan fits perfectly in my living room and it's reassuring to know my home is protected from airborne viruses.

Mrs O, Cheshire

Having the Fog Fan in my consulting room puts me at ease knowing the air in the room is being constantly sanitised.

Dr L, (GP), Manchester