After the jab. Before the herd.

After the jab. Before the herd.

So you’ve had the jab! What now?

Well you’re less likely to get COVID-19. Much less. At least 80% less. And if you do get it? Well it should be much less serious too. This is all great news.

The not so great news according to Susan Hopkins, Senior Medical Adviser at Public Health England and co-leader of a new study is - you may still be able to spread it: “there is still a risk you could acquire an infection and transmit (it) to others," Hopkins said.

She adds "We now know that most of those who have had the virus, and developed antibodies, are protected from reinfection, but this is not total and we do not yet know how long protection lasts". So we may have to have repeated jabs too.

So we now have a vaccine, developed at incredible speed, by brilliant scientists but it is still going to take a year or two to roll out. Thats a year or two before we reach even UK herd immunity - never mind global.

Whats the take home message?

For me its this: herd immunity is going to take time, and probably much longer than initially hoped, but in the meantime if we all take extra precautions we might just get to herd safety a little bit sooner.