Fog Fan Auto 230

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NOTE: As we await more stock of the Fog Fan Auto 60 and 50, customers have asked us for an urgent product that we can offer for in-car use.

Whilst we generally don't recommend devices with cotton wicks, we are offering the Fog Fan Auto 230 in order to give customers the ability to urgently protect their mobile space.

Customers buying a Fog Fan Auto 230 will receive £5 off a future Fog Fan hardware order, enabling them to upgrade to a non-wick unit in future.

 The Fog Fan Auto 230 is a specialist humidifier that mists Fog Fan Solution through its ultrasonic atomiser, dispersing 35ml/hour for your car cabin.

Perfect in a car – whether you’re a Driver or a Rider. Ideal for when you have passengers or if you catch a cab somewhere to give you peace of mind.

Powered by Micro-USB, it uses little power and is highly convenient.

The Fog Fan Auto 230 holds 230ml. This can give up to 6 hours of misting time.

Dimensions: 16cm x 6cm x 6cm

One 30ml sachet of Fog Fan concentrate gives you 3 litres of solution (13 fills of the Auto)

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