Fog Fan Bamboo
Fog Fan Bamboo

Fog Fan Bamboo

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  • The Fog Fan Bamboo is a set of humidifiers that mist Fog Fan Solution through an ultrasonic atomiser, dispersing 50ml/hour for your personal space.
  • Sleek and elegant, use it for provide personal misting – at home or at your workplace.

    With a real bamboo outer, it uses little power and is highly convenient.

    The Fog Fan Uno Bamboo 300 holds 300ml. This can give 6 hours of misting time.

  • Dimensions:  22.5cm x 10.9cm x 10.7cm
  • The Fog Fan Uno Bamboo 400 holds 400ml. This can give 8 hours of misting time.
  • Dimensions:  23.2cm x 12.3cm x 12.2cm

  • A 30ml sachet of Fog Fan concentrate would be enough for 30 hours of use – equivalent to 1 hour a day, every day for a month.
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