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Tried, tested, proven, FanFog Orange has been used in biosafety for 20 years. Now it's available as a mist for your home antiviral fogging or misting machine. Our disinfectant mist leaves surfaces and the air around you clean from viruses and bacteria.

It's a natural antimicrobial misting product extracted from bitter oranges and it's easy to use, safe for children and pets - you don't even need to leave the room. 

 Key Facts
✅ Eliminates viruses and bacteria on surfaces  ✅ Safe for pets and people
✅ Defeats viruses and bacteria in the air ✅ Organic natural product
✅ Tested against Covid and other viruses ✅ Hypoallergenic

All you need:

Our starter pack of one, three or six sachets of concentrate comes with our most popular humidifier, the Burst. One sachet of concentrate is enough for one month of domestic misting 30 minutes a day. 

Already have a humidifier? Click here to get the concentrate on its own.

Make your home safe now!