Frequently asked questions

Here's a simple introduction to using your Fog Fan

1. How does Fog Fan work?

Fog Fan works in 3 ways

  • The water vapour in the solution increases the humidity in a room. Water vapour particles aggregate with viral and bacterial particles and these heavier particles fall to the floor. This is important as many microbial particles are very very small, and smaller particles stay in the air longer. SARS-CoV-2 particles for example are very small (~ 0.1microns) and can stay airborne for more than 5 hours. This was modelled by the Fugaku super computer. You can watch that here.
  • In addition the action of the fan blows both the microbial and water particles to the walls of the room where they condense.
  • The Fog Fan Solution element of the mist begins to inactivate viruses and bacteria whilst in the air and inactivation is completed within 5 minutes of surface contact. Independent test results from Abbot Analytical Ltd (Birkenhead, UK) and Eurofins Product Safety Labs, Inc (New Jersey, USA). See here for more detail.

2. Is it safe?

Fog Fan Solution is our brand name for Flavobac™ concentrate. Flavobac has been used for 20 years, initially as a food wash and more recently as the active ingredient in handwash, contact lens solutions and dental mouthwashes. All of its ingredients are found in nature. In testing by FDA accredited laboratories it has been shown as safe to ingest, on skin and eye contact and to inhale. As an additional precaution we have had Fog Fan Solution tested for toxicity by Acutus Laboratories Ltd (Belfast, UK) who specialise in testing vape ingredients for toxicity. The results were described as ‘amongst the lowest levels of toxicity’ they had seen. 

3. Are there any long term effects of breathing it in?

Based on all the available evidence - no.

Four of the five ingredients are organic acids and byproducts of normal cell metabolism, therefore the body is able to incorporate and dispose of them via normal metabolic pathways.

The 5th ingredient - bioflavonoids - from the pith of bitter oranges - is unlikely to present any issues for animals innate disposal systems as they are ubiquitous in fruits and foods. In fact ingested bioflavonoids have been shown to positively alter epigenetic gene expression up regulating protective and down regulating harmful genes.

4. How long has it been available?

Fog Fan Solution has been available in various forms for 20 years as Flavobac and is produced by Citrox Biosciences Ltd, Cambridge, UK.

5. What are the ingredients?

There are 5 ingredients. Bioflavanoids from the pith of bitter oranges, Malic acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid and Caprylic Acid. See here for more detail.

6. Is it wet? Will it cause damp?

No. Under normal use - a few hours a day - you will not notice any moisture on furnishings, clothes or electrical goods. The mist is created by ultrasonic atomisation. This produces a very fine mist of less than 5microns, characterised as a dry mist. For more prolonged use or to further reduce the spread of airborne pathogens we would highly recommend adequately ventilating your room, car or business space.

7. Does it stain?

Once diluted 10mls concentrate to 1 litre of water and misted it has a normal PH and does not cause staining. In its concentrated form Fog Fan Solution is mildly acidic and may stain clothes or surfaces.

8. Does it smell? Is it possible to add scent?

Fog Fan Solution has a mild bitter fruit odour. In order for our Fog Fan Solution to remain 100% natural and organic we chose not to add any scent to this, also recognising that this can be a personal preference. If this is not to your taste we recommend adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

9. I have a lung condition. Is it safe for me?

If you have asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis, pneumoconiosis or any other lung or airway disease we would recommend using Fog Fan with caution and in a very limited capacity initially to check tolerance.

10. I have a citrus fruit allergy. Is it safe for me?

If you are allergic to citrus fruits we would recommend using Fog Fan with caution and with a very limited initial exposure to check tolerance. Avoid if previous anaphylaxis to citrus.

11. Is Fog Fan Solution environmentally friendly? Organic?

Yes Fog Fan Solution is made with natural biodegradable organic products.

11. Are there any publications? Yes see below

12. How do I cancel?

We offer a no quibble 28 day return policy for any fans or unused Fog Fan Solution sachets or containers. Please contact customer support for details

13. Do you ship overseas?

We currently ship to the UK and Ireland only but will shortly be launching Fog Fan across Europe and North America.

14. Are there any other misting products on the market?

Yes. The evidence shows Fog Fan Solution is safer and has similar efficacy. See comparison table here.