How to use Fog Fan Solution- Directions


Fog Fan Tip: These instructions are for a Fog Fan with a 3 litre tank. Adapt them for your fan or humidifier and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for filling. Always dilute to a 1% solution (Fog Fan Solution).

To use the sachet, you will need to have:

- The sachet
- Disposable gloves
- A pair of scissors
- Paper towel

  1. Fill the Tank with cold water

Take the tank unit from your Fog Fan or humidifier to a sink with a cold water tap. We recommend putting the tank unit in the sink whilst you fill it with water, either directly from the tap or using a jug. 

Fog Fan Tip: Don't add the Fog Fan Solution before the water; it can foam if the water flow is fast.

  1. Add the Fog Fan Solution

When the tank is nearly full, put on the disposable gloves, cut a corner of the sachet with your scissors, clipping off the corner completely. Then gently pour the concentrate from the sachet into the tank. Put the used sachet to one side on a piece of paper towel. If you spill any water or concentrate, they may be mopped up with a paper towel.

Fog Fan Tip: the use of gloves for the refill is to protect your hands if you have any abrasions or scratches as spilt concentrate may cause minor stinging. If this does happen, simply rinse your hands under running water.

  1. Check the lid and return the tank

Check the lid’s valve spring is functioning by pressing it down and releasing it and fit the lid back to the tank. When you are confident it is secure, refit to the Fog Fan. The act of inverting the tank to do this will mix the concentrate and water.

Fog Fan Tip: if you only use the Fog Fan intermittently, you may find that occasionally removing the tank to gently invert it ensures that the Fog Fan Solution is regularly remixed into the water to avoid settling.

  1. Recycle the sachet, gloves and paper towel

You may like to rinse the empty sachet under the gently stream of a cold water tap before putting it into plastics recycling together with the gloves. Each can be disposed of as general household waste.