Why you need it - The Problem

We want to be safe in our homes and trust that they are free of harmful pathogens, but viruses and bacteria surround us, they are everywhere and they are part of life. There are some viruses that we want to reduce as much as possible, while maintaining a balanced approach to cleaning and daily life. 

Contact cleaning is time-consuming and ineffective at reaching every surface and it doesn’t help when kids come home from school or you get home from work or shopping with virus particles on your clothes. While many of these pathogens pose no direct threat, there are some that do and we want to minimise our risk. Contact cleaning also doesn’t reduce airborne pathogen risk.

We want to offer a safe home or workplace to others as far as possible, so that when family members, visitors or employees come in, they can do so with confidence.

The Solution - FanFog

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Fog Fan Solution is a natural, organic compound derived from bioflavonoids from the pith of bitter oranges (the same variety used in many marmalades) combined with organic acids occurring in nature.

Fog Fan Solution is hypo-allergenic and safe for humans and pets. It spreads through the air and sanitises surfaces it touches, keeping them pathogen free for up to five hours; it also reduces virus particles in the air.

Fog Fan Solution is easy and safe to use. It comes in sealed sachets or bottles and is diluted with normal tap water. It works in Fog Fans and humidifiers.

What is a Fog Fan?

A Fog Fan is a domestic appliance that mists a safe, effective sanitisation solution through the air to eliminate pathogens such as viruses. The fan spreads the mist around the room without wetting any surface. It is a safe, low-cost appliance that is widely available.

What a Fog Fan does