Your Fog Fan comes with a simple subscription that will keep Fan Fog Orange concentrate sachets coming to you as long as you need them. The sachets are easy to use, simply mix one sachet at 1:100 dilution with water (one sachet to 3 litres).

How much Fan Fog Orange does the Fog Fan use?

A typical Fog Fan disperses 200ml of mist per hour of operation so 2.7 litres would provide almost 14 hours of constant misting, but of course it needn’t be on all the time.

Subscription Levels


1 x 30ml sachet per month.

Suggested usage. In intervals for 30 mins per day.

£36 month


1 x 30ml sachet per week (delivered as 4 sachets per month).

Suggested usage. In intervals for 2 hours per day

£130 month


15 x 30ml sachets per month.

Suggested usage: 9hrs of misting, 5 days a week

£500 month

Top-up Sachets

Buy sachets so you are always ready for unexpected guests, family events, or to take with you when visiting others

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