Fog Fan for home, work and the care sector

Fog Fan in the home

A Fog Fan powered with Fog Fan Solution sanitises the room, eliminating viruses and bacteria on clothes and surfaces. In a home setting the fan might be used a few times each day for a total of 30 minutes.With this amount of use one 30ml sachet will last you about a month. Put the fan on when you all get home from work, school or shopping, whilst you have friends over for dinner or for when you have weekend visitors. 

You decide when to put it on to give yourself and your household peace-of-mind.

Fog Fan in the small office

In a small office with few visitors, you could set Fog Fan to operate four times a day for 15 minutes, Monday to Friday to give a sense of security and peace of mind to your staff and customers. Come into a fresh office every morning and when customers visit, show them that you take their safety seriously. Run it during meetings for added safety and reassurance.

Fog Fan in the medium office or shop

In an environment where there are many visitors and a constant flow of people through busy or confined areas, give your customers and staff a sense of well-being by operating the Fog Fan during working hours. Sign-post to your visitors that you are taking care of them with a hypo-allergenic natural compound that has been proven to inactivate almost all microbes, including coronavirus, in less than 5 minutes.

A safer Christmas

At Christmas we want to be safe in our homes and we want our homes to be safe for family members to visit particularly if they are more vulnerable. Enjoy Christmas comforted by the knowledge that the Fog Fan is sanitising your home every day with a gentle organic compound that is hypo-allergenic and safe for both people and our pets.

Fog Fan in the doctor’s surgery

Create a safer environment for both your staff and patients by running the Fog Fan before, during and after any patient contact. Increase the safety of all parties some of whom are particularly vulnerable by offering significantly more protection in the event they are unable to tolerate masks or examination requires their removal.

Fog Fan in the Care Home

Run the Fog Fan in communal spaces or allocate to your residents rooms for when their relatives want to visit. Fog continuously during these periods to decontaminate the room and everyone's clothes and allow loved ones to touch again. Demonstrate your commitment to both increasing the safety and the quality of life for your residents. Let them hug again.